To The Journey - Looking Back At Star Trek: Voyager

Created by 455 Films (The Voyager Documentary)

The production team of "For the Love of Spock," "The Captains," and "What We Left Behind," now bring you The Voyager Documentary! Donate to film today by selecting one or more of the exclusive donation perks below.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Mon Mar 8 '21 Announcement
about 3 years ago – Mon, Mar 08, 2021 at 05:39:36 PM


Wow. We're absolutely blown away by this number. Not only are we fast approaching Stretch Goal #6 already, but we are about to pass our own DS9 Doc as the most successful Documentary campaign in Indiegogo's history! We are so grateful to you, the fans, as well as to our previous productions for paving the way for this to be the success that it is (so far). Because fo you, we are going to make the most amazing documentary, celebrating this ground-breaking series. 



A quick reminder that you CAN donate multiple times on Indiegogo, so you can claim as many perks and packages as you'd like! Feel free to check in periodically to see what's new. 

Speaking of new, we have new perks! One of which is a new Zoom Experience with Terry Farrell! We've also added the Janeway Replica Mug as a regular stand alone perk. We will continue to add exciting perks as the campaign rolls on, so keep checking back right here:


Live Q&A Video

Tomorrow, Tuesday, at 2pm PT / 5pm ET, we will have a live Q&A video to answer questions about perks and donations (please keep questions to those two things). Please feel free to join and ask your questions in the comments, or just pop in to say hello and possibly get more informaiton about how the campaign's perks work. We will do our best to answer as many as possible, as well as questions that have been asked over the past week. 

Some topics will include: Away Missions, Zoom Experiences, and potential donation issues. 

Feel free to join by clicking on either of these two locations: 




The Donors-Only Group

Our brand new Voyager Documentary Donors-Only Facebook group is now open! This is where you'll be getting production updates in the coming weeks and months, as well as discussion threads for meet-ups, carpools, and questions regarding Away Missions and other VOY Doc-related things. 

Come one, come all, and have a look around -- the paint is still wet! Click the link below to join:
(Please don't share the link with anyone.)


Please be sure to continue sharing the campaign everywhere and getting your friends involved. 

Once again, thank you all for your support and for helping us to give Voyager the celebration is deserves! 

Tue Mar 2 '21 Announcement
about 3 years ago – Tue, Mar 02, 2021 at 12:19:31 AM



We asked Star Trek fans if they wanted a Voyager Documentary to celebrate this ground-breaking show. You answered a resounding YES! A yes heard from here to the Delta Quadrant.

We've got so much more work to do to make this the most successful campaign and fantastic documentary ever. Remember: with Indiegogo, you can donate as many times as you'd like, anytime you'd like. So come back and check us out periodically - we WILL be adding new surprises! But for now, we'd just like to say THANK YOU.


Stretch Goals

We flew by our goal of $150,000 at warp 10 (insert lizard babies joke here), knocked out THREE Stretch Goals, and are well on our way to the fourth. All this in the span of 24 hours.  

We've got so many more amazing Stretch Goals lined up - you're going to love them! 


Day One Pin

If you are receiving this update and claim a perk that has at least one physical item, you will also be receiving the exclusive VOY Doc Day One Pin. Here it is. 




Next Phase


You can help us hit those Stretch Goals even though you've already donated. Help us spread the word. Tweet us out, retweet and share our posts. Give us likes and comments on social media to boost our visibility. All these things WILL help make this campaign more of a success. 

Again, thank you all, and here's to an amazing March!

PS: We at 455 Films are very happy to announce that we JUST passed $455,000! A nice milestone for us.